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Trust Simple, Simple is God Making All Things New

Simple is clear, certain and breeds the refreshment of new thoughts and new ways.

Complex is unclear, uncertain and breeds the drudgery of repeating old thoughts and old ways.

God is simple making all things new.

His thoughts and ways are wise and effortless.

You are a new creation in Christ, everyday.

Yesterday is old, it has passed away.

Today has come and it is new.

Will you be aware of this new today?

Will you believe this new today can be simple?

It can be challenging to believe the simplicity of an effortless day, much less an effortless life, especially when situations/circumstances seem complicated.

Trust Simple.

Simple is clarity for certainty.

Certainty is refreshment and comes from the presence of the Lord.

The presence of the Lord is found in rest.

Rest your mind from old thoughts and ways.

Believe God is faithful to wipe away the complexity of uncertainty.

God will give you clear, simple thoughts and ways for a new today.

Trust Simple.

Simple is God making all things new.

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