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Start and Maintain Your Exercise Routine in Less than 5 Minutes

I will guide you one step at time for you to know what type of exercises and routine works best for your lifestyle.

Book a Complimentary Session and receive the following downloads:

  • Start and Maintain Your Exercise Routine in Less than 5 Minutes guide

  • Fitness Planner

  • Priority Tracker

Dawn Hall


Heba El-Hakim

"Dawn helped me to go at a pace that suits where I am right now.  Dawn is a nurturing coach with wise advice that comes from many years of experience.  Her coaching gave me encouraging nudges and she reminded me that I shouldn't do this alone and I do not have to.  I know I can count on Dawn at any time to help me simplify life and implement additional self care."

Heba El-Hakim

Patrice Jackson

"Dawn changed my life Forever!  Dawn teaches her process in a way that steps you through each stage of growth, shifting your mindset, which helps YOU realize when it’s time to add something to your fitness routine.  Before I knew it, I was losing weight, gaining core strength, and increasing my stamina.  I am excited everyday about my fitness. It’s simple, it’s personalized for me, and now it’s forever!”

Patrice Jackson

Mary Kent

"When I started working out with Dawn 13 years ago, it was to lose weight, and improve my muscle tone and overall physical fitness. I did lose weight and I became stronger and more flexible physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. 
I’ve worked out with trainers most of my adult life and Dawn is the first person who has the ability, gifting and desire to impact my physical health, as well as, the quality of my personal relationships and spiritual life. To be in my 60’s having fun working out and learning new ways of living gives me great hope that there is lots more interesting and fulfilling life ahead! What a gift!"

Mary Kent

Healther Williams

"I was first introduced to Dawn 21 years ago when my mother was a part of her gym team. Knowing the guidance, coaching and positive impact Dawn had on my mother's life at that time I knew she would be the perfect fit for me and my lifestyle journey.  I was at a place in my life where I needed more accountability and a coach that would help me mentally as well as physically and spiritually.
Dawn's compassion and knowledge in her craft gave me hope, self love and confidence to build a lifestyle I have always dreamed of.   Dawn has made sure to provide me with the best program to support me and she is always there for me in case I need a pick me up, a question answered or any challenges I am facing. I am truly grateful for where I am today.  I can see this program will continue to inspire a lifestyle of happiness - mind, body and spirit."

Healther Williams


Health Faith Fitness

I’ve been in the health and fitness profession for over 30 years with experience as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Expert, Owner-Operator of 2 gym studios, a Lifestyle Coach, Published Author, Public Speaker and Founder/CEO of Avva Rose Skincare.

Over the past 14 years I’ve expanded my online coaching services to help individuals make changes by faith Mind & Body, Heart to Soul in Relationships as well as professionally in Business.

It’s been an exciting era helping men and women let go of old habits through new perspective and clarity, to make confident decisions and remain consistent with their lifestyle of new thoughts and ways for a lifetime of truth, grace and genuine fulfillment.

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