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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

When we accept where we are in this right now moment of time/life we are at rest.

Rest creates space to yield a humble spirit, the Holy Spirit; in turn encouraging a change of mind for the capacity of growth to sprout new belief.

Where are you in this right now moment?

Busy, anxious, worried or in a hurry?

Are you on a striving path to reach the next lofty goal or chasing a desire that might be a heart want instead of a true heart need?

Do you believe God’s grace is sufficient and He will bring what you need without the help of your never ending “to do” list?

To accept is to be present.

To be present is to rest.

To rest is where your promise is found.

Your Promise is God and He holds the true desires of your heart.

Your heart is where your treasure is.

Your treasure is God.

“God is NOW”

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