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Hope by Faith for Today, Not Tomorrow

Faith prays.

If you are still praying then you still have hope.

When prayer ceases you have lost hope.

Losing hope usually happens when we hope in/for anything other than God Himself.

When we hope in/for God Himself then we have everything, want for nothing and realize that, right now, we already have everything we need.

If down the road it looks like there could be lack, stop looking down the road.

Stop trying to see what is of no concern for today.

Rest your mind and reside in the presence of the Lord and He will give you His thoughts and ways for today, His plan for you today.

What you do today prepares you for tomorrow.

If you are trying to see tomorrow you can't see today and you will not be prepared for tomorrow.

A mind stayed on the Lord remains in perfect peace and trusts the Lord. (Isaiah 26:3).

Faith hopes.

Hope helps us make a plan from the desires of our heart.

Faith and Hope keeps the heart connected to God’s love and truth.

God directs our plan in truth and grace.

Truth and Grace cannot be separated.

When hope is only in/for God Himself you can trust that the direction you are going is toward the true desires He placed in your heart, one TODAY at a time.

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