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Writing has always been a hobby for me.  Since I was a grade school girl it's helped me write my way through some of life's very trying times as well as some of my most joyful.
When I became an unmarried mom at the age of 18 all of a sudden I didn't have the luxury of writing my way through life anymore.  I was doing life, a lot of life every second of the day.
In my late 30's, after my son was grown, I had what people might consider a mental breakdown.   
At the time I did not consider "it" a breakdown, I didn't know what to consider "it" until later.
That time period left me homeless, jobless, without a car to drive, without a friend to trust and without any sense of direction.
Looking back I see "it" was a time of growth.  I would call it my midlife crisis.  It changed my life and mind forever. 
This is when I knew it was time for me to pick up the pen and start writing my way through life again.

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