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Now, 15 years later, my writing pen is still in hand and I have grown passionate about helping people REST from their own works and to trust in the grace of God by being present. To be aware of health and wellness from the inside and make confident decisions by faith, belief, truth and grace through a series of books I have written known as the "Promise Rest" series.
My passion for helping people comes from my own journey of having an untruthful image of who and where I was in life.

This type of unbelief led to a life where nothing was ever perfect or enough, and satisfaction lasted only a few minutes before the need for "more" began again.  The need to be more successful, more perfect, and even more busy.
Eventually my body gave out, my mind shut down, and the Lord rose from within. My journey from this point on is what inspired the "Promise Rest" series.
I have a long standing and enjoyable career for 30 years as a Health and Fitness Professional, being a One-to-One Certified Personal Trainer, a Lifestyle Coach, an Owner-Operator of 2 gym studios, Fitness model/Competitor, and created a line of nutritional supplements that are FDA regulated, organic, all natural and double gluten free. 

I am also the founder of Avva Rose Skincare to ensure everyone understands that skin health is also an important part of our physical health.
"Start and Maintain Your Exercise Routine in Less than 5 Minutes" is a book I wrote specifically to make headlines locally in Houston to help people learn how to develop a lifestyle of "Simple, Smarter Fitness Working FOR You."

I travel to different areas with an event called "Stretch Flex N Flow," so I can connect regularly with individuals any age, size and fitness level who desire to start and maintain their exercise routine as a lifestyle.  

I have enjoyed the stage as an inspirational speaker, traveling and experiencing so many different walks of life.

Right now, I am focusing on editing the "Promise Rest" series books, planning the launch of "Prosper in Good Health Magazine" and dedicated to coaching and training individuals in person and worldwide online.

The Lord blessed me with a handsome, talented and patient son who I raised as an unmarried mom.  He is now an amazing husband and father of 5 children. 

Not long after my son's 5th baby was born Oliver came into my life.  He's my adorable, sweet-n-sassy pup who keeps my heart warm at home.

Since the world change in 2020, Ollie and I have had the privilege of spending much quality time together at home while I manage each one of my businesses online.
My biggest fan is my Mom.  If not for my mom I would not have gotten past 18 years old, much less be able to account for the fulfilling life God has graced me with thus far.
I am a faithful member at St. John Vianney in Houston and I continue to write by the light and Miracle of the Eucharist as well as my devotion to the Rosary.

I studied diligently in the bible for 15 years and then seminary school, but it was when I picked up a Rosary for the first time that I was led to return to my Catholic faith.
I am forever grateful for re-discovering the faith I was baptized into and I enjoy helping people see the unity of all, faith or no faith

"Promise Rest" is for everyone.



PROMISE REST is a series of short books, 40 pages or less, that you can consume in one sitting.  Brief in length, fulfilling in heart.  Each book will refresh your faith and encourage confidence from within through the gift of PROMISE REST, "Be Still, Know God."

Promise Series_edited.jpg

PROSPER IN GOOD HEALTH MAGAZINE is an evergreen magazine.  It's contents will remain relevant for generations to come.COVID was the world wide event that changed peoples perspective and birthed an audience that desires this type of magazine:A timeless, traditional magazine founded on faith, grace and the book of Wisdom in the bible that is referred to as "She".Articles and stories relevant to every situation and circumstance as well as every season and date in time.If it were the last piece of written material on earth it would be enough.


When I was younger "THE" desire of my heart was something I thought about several times a day, eventually it turned into a weekly hope, then a monthly doubt, until finally it was forgotten.
In my adult years, over the course of twelve years my life changed through some shocking family situations and a myriad of health complications that took me on a journey of being transformed from the inside out.
Through each circumstance I no longer had the energy to pine after things from a place of want or chase lofty goals.

Truly, I had learned the secret of being content from within and that was enough for me.
Also, during that long season of getting to know who God created me to be I accepted that "THE" desire of my heart that I used to dream about was obviously from a place of want and not a need otherwise the Lord would have given it to me by now. I had made it this far without it, life will continue on without it.

And life did go on, family situations found their peaceful place I became well physically, made new friends and was enjoying life. 

As I sat by the pool at a friend's birthday party I remember thinking - life really doesn't need to get any better or worse than where I am right now.

That’s when "He" showed up!

Who is "He"?

"THE" desire of my heart.
At the time I did not recognize he was "THE" desire of my heart.  He did not appear as what I might have expected and he certainly didn't fit within the boundaries of my thoughts and ways.
Because he didn't fit within my boundaries, for months, I couldn't even see the possibility of this particular man being the desire of my heart until I remembered God's thoughts and ways:

"It" will show up when you least expect.
"It" will probably look like "not good" timing and an impossible situation to get involved with.
"It" will show up in a form not easy to recognize.


After months of being oblivious to what was right in front of my face, I began to clearly see and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that "THE" desire of my heart had shown up.  He was real, I could hardly believe it, until, I totally believed!
Almost as soon as I was completely convinced, he was gone!
I was forced to let him go/he was forced to leave. I knew it would be years before he and I would re-connect, if ever.
Reluctantly, but confidently I let go with the hope and belief that God is faithful to keep His promises to me.
As time went by my life changed some more. I continued to grow my businesses while my son grew his family, giving me the privilege of being a grandmother of 5 in my early 50's.
My friends and the church were my closest of companions and "OLLie", my pup, became the "he" that filled my heart with joy.
But, no matter how my life changed my heart was still sad. Sad to the point of sorrow living without the deepest desire of my heart.
This book is a heartbreaking love story of when faith and genuine love collide on earth as it is in heaven.
An inspiring story of hope, patience and trusting that God is NOW.
How "dwelling in the house of the Lord" and depending upon Him to prevail in the most confusing of situations and circumstances became my sustenance through each season until, "He" showed up again!






"Hear Me, See Me"

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