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Dawn Hall

You know Dawn as either a friend, family member, neighbor, fitness client or skincare and home fragrance fan.
We are super excited to see you on August 6 and wanted to share a little more about the event.

Start time is 1pm and could possibly last into the evening.

If you haven't RSVP, there's still time.

Simply fill out the form below.



Gathering for Women

This gathering is for women of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and businesses.
Come as you are, hopefully hungry, because there's going to be plenty of food and drink.  The atmosphere is for having fun, making new friends, exchanging business cards and enjoying the entire lounge area by staying cool inside or having a refreshing drink poolside. You can even play a game of pool in the recreation room. Since your car will be park side, you might plan a walk on the trail afterwards.


Dedicated to You

Dawn's intention is to celebrate you!  You were invited to this party because you have made a significant difference in shaping Dawn's life.

This day is also significant because it's the day she will unveil the inaugural issue of "Shaping Women Naturally" magazine.  A labor of love, finally birthed and only possible because of you.

Dawn considers this the most momentous day of her life, next to the day her son was born.


If you haven't,
Please RSVP

Please take a moment to fill out the form and let us know how many will be attending.

See You August 6!

Look forward to seeing you!

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